Review: Corinne’s Skating Accessories

Hey everyone! This past Saturday, I was browsing doll stuff on Amazon, and I stumbled across Corinne’s ice skates for 13% off, and with free shipping! I ordered them, and now they’ve arrived! The set comes with a pair of skates, a pair of skate guards, a pair of mittens, and a scarf. The skates … More Review: Corinne’s Skating Accessories


The Dolly Crazy Tag

First of all, thank you to ForestPoodle88 for tagging me! This already looks really fun! Here are the rules: 1. Use the tag photo. (seen above) 2. Answer the questions. 3. Tag 1-5 people. 4. Link the creator/author, Viola Smiles. 5. Have Fun! Without further ado…the questions! What was your most embarrassing memories of your dolls? … More The Dolly Crazy Tag

A Bit of a Mess

“Jessi?” I called, standing in the middle of the bedroom that we shared. It was totally a mess, and I really didn’t feel like cleaning it all up myself. “Could you come here for a second?” I stood in a sea of dirty clothes, random shoes, and (most likely) late assignments for a minute before … More A Bit of a Mess