My Thoughts on the New Truly Me Dolls

AG has done a lot of releasing lately—from Claudie Wells to the Harry Potter collab to the dollhouse. I thought I would react to possibly the most controversial one—the revamping of the Truly Me line.

I’m kind of stunned by this, honestly. It seemed to happen so quickly. I can barely believe that many Truly Mes are retired.

I think it’s cool that they’re reintroducing the Marie-Grace mold, and that they’re using the Corinne, Nanea, and Joss molds on different dolls. But I’m not super into the colored hair. Dolls like Corinne or Luciana with a simple streak in their hair are fine; I actually like the color there. A full head of pink and purple, though…I’m not a fan.

All of the new dolls also have painted eyelashes. I think that the extra eyelashes are really pretty on some dolls, like the World By Us line, but I don’t think they need to be on every doll.

One problem that I have with this is that Claudie, a doll of color, has gotten barely any promotion compared to this reboot. And the same thing with the no-hair dolls. They weren’t even in the catalog! Let’s not hide these dolls like we’re ashamed of them.

So those are my general thoughts. Now let’s look at the individual dolls.

This is basically #27 with painted eyelashes. Very original, AG.

And this is #82 with painted eyelashes.

I think she’s really cute! It’s good to see the Makena mold reused.

It’s a little weird to see the Nanea mold with light skin, but I think it works. Her hair is gorgeous.

I actually think she’s adorable. I love her wig.

But she looks weirdly aggressive in this photo.

I don’t really have an opinion on her. I don’t hate her. I don’t love her. She’s fairly basic.

Oof. I don’t think that pink and blue goes well with dirty blonde. But her eyes are super pretty! I’m definitely partial to green eyes.

I like the flip in his hair. But, really, did they have to give him blue eyes? Blond with blue eyes is so overused!

#85. Though I don’t mind as much. I’ve always thought #85 was really cute. It also looks like her lip color is a little different.

I think the colored hair works with her. She’s pretty cute—I really like her freckles.

Her hair kind of weirds me out. It’s not terrible, but I don’t love it.

I love her eyes! The combination of blonde hair and green eyes is definitely pleasing.

Bangs! It’s been a long time since AG has released a doll with bangs.

Overall, I think she’s cute! I like the Joss mold and her hair color.

This is Corinne without highlights. I like that they’re using the Corinne mold with other dolls, but couldn’t they have changed her up a little?

Other than that, I really like her! She’s cute.

I love the Nanea mold. I do not love her hair.

I really like this boy doll. His hair is adorable.

His Harry Potter picture is really cute. This one is awful.

#84 (aka Jessi) with painted eyelashes.

She’s pretty similar to #61, but her eyes are hazel.

That’s a lot of hair colors. I’m not a fan.

She would be so much better if she had, say, brown hair with pink highlights!

Her hair is so, so cute! She reminds me of #58, though the hair is changed.

She’s pretty cute. I like the Marie-Grace mold in a different skin tone.

This doll reminds me of another one, but I can’t think who. Maybe Courtney?

She’s not too bad, just a little basic.

I think she’s super cute, personally…but why didn’t AG promote her?! This is super biased.

It looks like she doesn’t have painted eyelashes, which I’m a little conflicted about. Why not give all the dolls eyelashes? On the other hand, this is sensitive to those with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy who might have lost their eyelashes.

Her eyebrows look a little strange to me. Otherwise, she’s cute!


(All image credits to American Girl)

So those are my thoughts on the new Truly Me line. What do you think of the mass retirement? Who’s your favorite of the new dolls?

And I’m considering a new type of post. I’d appreciate it if you’d put your opinion in below.

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the New Truly Me Dolls

  1. I really agree! I like how they are using certain molds again, and I don’t mind the painted eyelashes. However, I absolutely do not like the colored hair. I wish that the Truly Me’s actually looked like people. I don’t mind the new dolls though. Some of them are cute!

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  2. Okay…it’s been a while since I’ve kept up with the American Girl brand…but is this really all they’re offering in the Truly Me line? There aren’t a lot of options, and as someone who remembers this line being called “Just Like Me”, I can’t believe there are so few options. I don’t see myself in any of these dolls, and I feel like I look fairly average. I can’t imagine this is good for diversity. Also, most of the molds look kind of…more like a Walmart/Target doll? That’s just my opinion though. I also don’t really like the painted eyelashes or the colored hair. If I was eight again, I don’t think I’d want any of these dolls.
    I do appreciate that the bald dolls have more of an emphasis now. That could mean so much to many people, but especially girls with cancer.

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  3. This was such a fun post to read! I always enjoy your commentary. And thank you so much for mentioning alopecia as a hair-loss disease. I know it’s a bit more obscure, so that means a lot to me.
    My personal favorite doll is probably #117 (Marie Grace mold, brown hair with light brown highlights), I just think she’s super cute!

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  4. I agree, agree, agree. Lol! I love it that they are bringing old molds back, like Marie Grace’s but with pink and purple hair and no natural hair colours? Ag, not many 7-12yrls have coloured hair, atleast not that intense. I wish they would stop doing so many coloured hair dolls, like yeah sure, I would buy a doll with brown hair and blonde highlights. But not like full colour. *sighs* I just really wish they would promote Claudie and the dolls with no hair. Those ones in my opinion are the more important ones to promote. Anyways, great post!

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